Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday 11/9

I messed up today. I have a super hard time eating when I wake up. Today, I knew I had to go shopping at walmart, and I also went to sleep late. I didn't eat "breakfast" before I went shopping, and even though I wasn't hungry it didn't help my mood or metabolism. I feel super tired today, mentally, not physically. I also know my monthly is coming later this week, so that probably has a lot to do with my mood today.

Chopped Salad.
Cucumbers, radish, tomato, cheddar cheese, Lettuce,onion

Lasagne Roll ups
1/4 cup plain tomato sauce
1/4 cup ricotta cheese
1/4 cup mozzarella
Italian herbs
2 lasagne noodles

2 meat sticks
2 cheddar cheese cubes
biggie size full of Pork Rinds ---NEW CRUNCHY SNACK!!

2 Leftover HOT LEGS
3 yellow peppers
3TBS Spinach dip

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday 11/8/11

Try not to question my eating, I work over nights, so on occasion my bigger meal is before work.

3 meat sticks
1 cheese stick


Baked Chicken Legs
Franks Buffalo Sauce
parmesian Zuchini Sticks

Cottage Cheese single

3 Ham, cream cheese, pickle roll up

Sweet and Savory Crepes

Today we enjoyed Crepes.
I dont have the recipies right here today, but I will up load them by tomorrow

We used Ham, swiss cheese, Mushrooms and Onions.

For the sweet crepes we had Strawberry cream Cheese YUM-O

I dont think I did well today because I keep forgetting to eat as soon as I get up. I am not one of those people who get hungry right away. Then I ate Crepes at 6pm, and just ate again now at 3:00am I will do better tomorrow.

Dusting things off in here

I recently started a new life style and wile my kitchen counter is covered in recipies that I want to try, I will add all the ones I try and liked here now. Safe keeping I will call it. I will also try and log everything I have eaten in the day to help a friend or two out who is also trying to change their eating habbits.